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The National University of Rwanda Students’ Union (NURSU) gathers all students of the national University of Rwanda in a body aiming at enhancing their prosperity, academic excellence, liberty and welfare. From its creation, the National University of Rwanda Students’ Union, NURSU, has been a hub of development promoters, and it has been struggling for its integration at the National level.

The NURSU website, for the first time in the history of this institution, is now launched, open and working to achieve the NURSU goal of Science and Development. Even if we have achieved quite a big number of things, most of our members do not or simply seem to not realize it because of the way we used communicating within the institution, which was not easily accessible.

In addition to this, since NUR is willing to begin an experiment in open and distance education during the coming year, since NUR is the only university which used e-registration this year for the first time in the country and is willing to offer many of its services by e-resources, the NURSU wants to put on a tool which will facilitate it to gather all its members in all NUR campuses.

It is at this end that, the 2010-2011 NURSU executive committee in collaboration with the representative assembly have decided to design, develop and launch NURSU own website to create a real hub of development promoters in order to grow, maintain and market the potentials of its members for the building of our country.

This is the contribution we owe our fellow students, our university in its line of service to the people and our country for its development and integrity in the region and on the continent level.

We acknowledge the full and invaluable participation of all those who helped so much in its designing and development, most especially the entire NURSU executive Committee especially the guild minister in charge of Information, communication, partnership and public relations.

Special thanks go also to the representative assembly 2010-2011 for having supported this activity, to Gilbert MUCYO for his advice and encouragement for making it, to the NURSU General Assembly for its appreciation and to the whole NUR Management for the good collaboration. We extend our congratulations and best wishes to previous counterparts NURSU guild presidents as well as all guild ministers and members who contributed a lot to build, maintain a high name of this institution countrywide.

To all visitors who will use this website as a powerful tool of marketing themselves for the development of our country, NURSU wishes a nice journey on our website.

NURSU Guild President

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